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Our Welshcakes - Ingredients, allergy information and storage
R E C O V E R Y • we hope you are all ha


Flour, Sugar, Butter, Vegetable Fat, Raisins, Egg, Baking Powder.

B A K I N G • getting the last of the St

We are proud to produce home made welshcakes in the traditional way on a cast iron bakestone. Our cakes do not contain any additivs or preservatives and are therefore best eaten within 5 days of receiving (although we find they rarely stick around that long!)

Our cakes are not suitable for home freezing

TT#2 • T E S T. B A K E • the first bake

Allergy Information

Whilst our traditional welshcakes do not contain allergens such as nuts, sesame or soy, as they are prepared in our home kitchens we cannot fully guarantee that they do not contain any trace of these ingredients. 

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